My organic wines

From my vines in Corbières to your glass in Occitanie

Mes vins bio de Corbière

During the year, from pruning to harvest, others tasks come along : tilling (light), disbudding, removing the unwanted new shoots, tying-up, polling (just a little), leaves removal (maybe).

Finally, wines are coming out, mine, just for a time, which will be yours after… : organic certified wines, from the Corbières mountains in Aude (Occitanie), wines from my land limestone-clay (it doesn’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing it for a few decades), wines from this mediterranean climate.

Here they come, without any make-up :

Hm, hm, how to say this ?!!

Because everything didn’t go as expected when I wanted to present my wines, between sputtering, oversight and so on, here an overview of my filming failures :)