Domaine Clos de l’Anhel, from the vine to bottle

Organic farming, female winemaker in the Corbières

Syrah and honeysuckle

Since my installation, in 2000, the choice of organic farming imposed itself as logical with the ambition to protect our health, the one of my clients, of the nature, the wildlife and also to be able to say to my children “You can eat grapes but also blackberries, cherry, wild leek around the vineyard”. My only goal : active biodiversity.
My idyllic universe would not allow me to picture my vineyard without hedges, trees, grass, birds, worms, without life.
To get and favor my biotope ad hoc with my ideas, 200 trees were planted around the vineyard, chickadee and bat’s birdhouse were arranged.

Rain gauge

Sophie Guiraudon

20 years later, I’m getting more and more strengthened in my choice, with a voluntary adaptation to the climatic news, with a future desire by planting, for tomorrow or after tomorrow, adapted grapes such as Carignan, black and white, Cinsault, by replanting trees, again and again. One only goal : tilt for the ground, tilt for the World.

Those choices are - before everything - a huge pleasure for me, with a constant “doing stuffs with serious, without being too serious” (have a look at my best of !) and I believe, will bring more depth, complexity and balance to my wines.
My goal is to commit for the quality, savoir-faire and sincerity to get a wine which talks for my terroir, my time and my passion.

Other values can be added : “doing stuffs with serious, without being too serious” and “Pick a job that you like and you won’t have to work a single day of your life”


The ground is low