My wine partners

Restaurant and wine shop offering my organic certified wine

Be a winemaker means, for me, to be in my vineyard or my cellar. From time to time, when the vines are asleep, when the wines are calmly aging, I’m getting out of my universe to present my work, called Wine.

Luckily, some professionals are helping me.

BIG THANK you to all my partners which without the Clos de l’Anhel wouldn’t be tasted, known or well-known. Clos de l’Anhel wines can be found in France and elsewhere…

Map of restaurateurswine shops et shops offering my organic wines

Here the maps and restaurant and wine shop list which offer my wines in France and in the world. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are in a “white zone” and can’t find my red, rosé and white ! The list evolves a lot and is not updated in real time.